iPhone 6 Protective Cases

iPhone 6 Bumper Cases

iPhone 6 Cases

You don’t need to be an avid follower of fashion or be trendy to have multiple cases for your iPhone 6. For many the iPhone 6 case is for protection first and probably a close second is the look.

I tend to swap between a clear bumper case and a more robust case that has storage for a card or cash when I’m out and about.

Clear Bumper Cases

A clear bumper case with a minimalist design allows you to keep the look of your iPhone 6, but still protect your investment if you drop it on hard ground.

A clear case with a soft TPU bumper and a hard PC back works well. It has to be a snug fit and it is worth paying a bit extra for a better quality case. Often the cheaper cases are loose around the edges of your phone and they scratch and discolour quickly.

Quality cases such as Spigen, Ringke, SkinU and DesignSkin are sourced from South Korea and the standard of manufacture is very high. These cases have scratch resistant coatings that helps these clear cases remain transparent.

These cases are designed and manufactured to have an accurate fit and you will find that the button design provides a better feel and response than on lower quality cases.

Access to the ports on your iPhone 6 is easy and the case holds it shape and tight fit no matter how many times the case is removed and replaced.

Another feature of the better quality bumper cases is having a raised back edge that provides some additional protection from scuffing of the transparent back.

Cases for Extra Protection and Convenience

When I’m out and about I often swap to a case that is assembled with a protective TPU frame and a hard-plastic back and has a small storage area.

The main feature I like about the case I use is that it has a compartment to hold a credit card and some cash. This means I don’t need to take anything else when I’m out other than my phone. It’s very handy to open up the back and grab a note to buy a drink or snack.

As with the clear bumper cases there is a distinct difference in quality between manufacturers. The added quality of the South Korean cases is quite obvious when compared to cheaper copies.

The design and tooling of the Korean cases provides a more accurate fit and your phone will not pop out of the case when dropped.

Another thing I find with these cases is the better manufacturing process provides an improved response from the buttons. Therefore access to all smartphone functions that use buttons such as volume, on/off, etc. is not restricted and they operate normally, as they would without a case fitted. I have generally found that the  connection ports are more easily accessed in quality cases.

Tempered Glass for Additional Protection

All the cases I use on my smartphones have an open front. I don’t like cases where you have to open it to answer the phone, view text messages or anything else.

iPhone 6 Tempered Glass

iPhone 6 Tempered Glass

So, for added protection I always use a tempered glass screen to protect my phone screen if it comes into contact with any hard surfaces.

Tempered glass protectors are easy to install and they don’t have air-bubbles, the edges don’t lift and there is no change to the touch-sensitivity of your phone.

Tip: If using bumper cases like those mentioned here purchase tempered glass for your iPhone 6 that does not go completely edge to edge. This allows the case to fit snugly against the phone and not interfere with the edges of the tempered glass.


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